Bulgarian Honey

The production of ecologically pure honey from Mateev SC's own hives is distributed into the following types:

Pure honey is a unique natural product that preserves in itself the magic touch of bees. It consists mainly of fructose, glucose and water, but also contains other sugars, enzymes, minerals, organic acids, proteins, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants. We can offer retail packaging though our Pastili honey packaging subsidiary.

Acacia honey.

It is collected in spring, entirely from the nectar of the best acacia forests in Bulgaria. It is a thick liquid, with a very mild, almost transparent colour and a taste of sweet vanilla and hazelnut. Acacia honey is quickly absorbed by the body, rarely causes allergic reactions and for this reason is preferred by most. Acacia honey is suitable for children, diabetes patients, for gallbladder and digestive problems, insomnia. Acacia honey also has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Linden honey

It is collected in late spring and early summer while lime trees bloom. It looks like liquid gold and has a sweet, fresh taste. This type of honey is among the best in quality and very much in demand, with strong nutritional and medicinal qualities.

Wildflower honey

Also known as polyfloral honey, this is the most popular type of honey produced in Bulgaria. It is collected from a great variety of wild flowers rich in pollen and has a herbal taste. It has pronounced medicinal, preventive and nutritional qualities. Has a very good effect on the cardiovascular, nervous, gynecological and digestive systems.