Beeswax & Foundations

Beeswax Foundations

Production Technology and Technical Specification

The beeswax foundations of Mateev SC are produced by innovative pouring technology by 100% pure and natural beeswax. The use of this technology eliminates the need for pressing the beeswax, thus preserving all physical and chemical composition of the beeswax. This makes the wax foundations very suitable for the latitudes of Europe due to their resistance of sliding and deformation even in the warmest summer days.

The whole production process is strictly controlled to achieve the highest possible quality. Each batch of beeswax passes through a disinfection phase in a specialized autoclave to destroy any possible spores of microorganisms and bacteria.

Thanks to precision rollers, the melted beeswax is formed in a high density, deep and uniform relief. The size and shape of the cell are identical to the cells that the bees build in the beehive, which guarantees instant acceptance in the honeybee hive and rapid comb building.

Download our beeswax foundations technical datasheet & specifications.


Beeswax Foundations Advantages

High temperature resistancy

The foundations do not slide at high temperatures in beehive

Deep cells relief

The cell size of 5.35 mm and thickness of 1.30 mm are ideal for bees

High level of hygiene

The beeswax foundations are produced under high level of hygiene

Suitable for organic production

Laboratory tested 100% natural beeswax without any impurities.

Custom sizing

We produce any size of beeswax foundations for our valuable customers.

Beeswax is a valuable substance produced by bees and used for the construction of honey combs. It is secreted by four pairs of wax glands situated on the surface of the abdominal sternites (plates on the lower part of the bee's body). Bees are stimulated to produce wax when there is a surplus of honey and honey combs are needed for its storage.

Pure wax is white, but after bees manipulation it is soon colored (in shades of yellow, orange and red to brown), which is due to the presence of various substances, especially flower pollen. Beeswax has hundreds of applications in medicine, cosmetics and industry, but is mainly used for the preparation of wax bases using various methods for pressing, casting and rolling.