Bee Software

Mateev AD invests in the development of an integrated beekeeping information system for the automation of beekeeping processes. The purpose of the system is to lighten the load of reporting and significantly reduce the effort required to manage the bee colony. Latest IT technologies are employed in the implementation of the system. The Bee Management System is integrated with specialized hardware equipment using the RFID, NFC, GPS, GPRS, 3G technologies.

Bee Software Diagram

Real-time data

The system allows monitoring the indicators of every single hive in a given apiary in real time. This is done thanks to the specially developed censors for microclimate analysis. When a given indicator is out of the ordinary, the system automatically alarms of the danger.

The collected statistical data allows displaying the trend and the expected development/ drop in population and the general health of bees in the hive.


Data on hive activity

At the core of the Bee Management System lies the principle, that each action, performed by a beekeeper, is electronically recorded in the hive file in the information system. This is done thanks to the marking of individual hives, casings or frames with an NFC chip with a unique number. And the action is marked by the beekeeper using a specialized mobile device, which sends data on the operation directly to the information system in real time.


Benefits of the accumulated data on operations

  • Reports of performed operations for each individual hive
  • Better planning of beekeepers’ actions
  • Global view of the general condition of hives
  • Planning of future hive servicing events
  • Reports of the individual beekeeper’s productivity
  • Expectations for hive servicing events
  • Scheduling


Integrated periphery

Microclimate sensors

Specially developed sensors for humidity, temperature, sound and CO2, transmitting data on the hive microclimate in real time


Devices for reporting of beekeepers’ actions

Mobile device application using the GPRS/3G and NFC technology, allowing collection of data on the operations and actions of beekeepers for the corresponding hive.


The first public version of the Bee Management System can be expected by March 2014.

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Bee Software

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