Mateev SC specializes in the production of natural honeys from Bulgaria.The company owns more than 2000 own hives in the cleanest mountain regions. The dedicated production and packaging lines and the strict policy of quality management allows the company to offer exceptionally pure bees products.



"Mateev" AD started its activity in early 2013, but already owns 21 apiaries with a total of 2000 bee hives, with the tendency to constantly construct new ones in the future. The apiaries are located in ecologically pure areas at the foot of the Balkan mountain range, rich in unique herbs and honey plants. The mild climate, varied vegetation and the ecological natural environment encourage the development of strong and healthy bee colonies.

We maintain a comprehensive and natural approach to beekeeping and our aim is to offer our clients unique bee products, produced using pure natural raw materials and technologies.


Bees are essential for our survival. Apart from providing us with food products with unique qualities, these tiny creatures are responsible for the pollination of two-thirds of the world’s crops. They are like perfect barometers of our planet’s health, and the decline in bee populations is a sign that something must be done for their protection.

Our mission is to develop a sustainable and productive business, acting in a caring way both toward our customers and our friends – the honey bees.

Our Partners

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  • 22 Feb

    Licensed queen bees and swarms for season 2016

    Hello Friends!
    From this year we are officially certified as manifacturer of queen bees and swarms. We already launched a campain to raise contacts


  • 22 Sep

    Apimondia 2013

    The International Congress APIMONDIA is the most prestigious and comprehensive event in apiculture worldwide. It will be attended by over 12,000 representatives of the...

  • 21 Sep

    Welcome to our new website!

    Dear guests, partners and customers

    "Mateev" SC is pleased to present its new and improved website. Within it we will regularly post useful information...

Management Team

Rosimir Mateev

Executive Director

Rosimir Mateev


Svetoslav Mateev

Dep. Executive Director

Svetoslav Mateev


Vera Mateeva

Administrative Director

Vera Mateeva


Hristo Hristov

Regional Manager

Hristo Hristov


Stefan Stefanov

Regional Manager

Stefan Stefanov